SFAPLs Ro-Ro to decongest Kolkata roads

Kolkata. November 2

SFAPL Ro-Ro Service reads a banner on the vessel anchored at the BISN jetty of Inland Water Authority (IWAI) on the river Ganga. An empty truck, coming out of the vessel, is going to the Kolkata Dock System (KDS) of Kolkata Port Trust, barely 900 metres from the jetty, to pick up import cargo.

Initiated by the city-based 200-crore logistics player Suman Forwarding Agency (SFAPL), last month, this is the latest logistics move to decongest the choked Kolkata roads from heavy vehicles and help Kolkata port grow.

The two (traffic and growth opportunity) are related. The century-old dock system, which was once outside the city limits, is now in the heart of the city. Naturally the heavy cargo vehicles face traffic restrictions. The restrictions increased after a few bridges collapsed in recent times.

The net result is that the average turnaround time of a truck to enter the city, pick up (or deliver) cargo at the port and leave the city limits, is 24 hours or more. And, thats precisely the problem of the port, which is also the gateway-port for Nepal and Bhutan.

High turnaround time leads to cost escalation for users, a pile up of cargo at the port choking its handling capacity, all of which impact the profit margins. An increase in the pace of truck movement can be a viable solution to this problem.

Traffic solution

SFAPL is offering that by initiating the Ro-Ro service with a small vessel which can carry nine trucks. The pace of services is expected to pick up by ....

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