Just think water Cape Town (South Africa truly African)

Cape Town is the port city and the second largest city of South Africa. It is the legislative capital of South Africa.Our tour to Cape Town was one of the most memorable visits amongst all the other trips within South Africa. The astonishing scenic beauty along with exotic charms of the location, crystal clear ocean, colourful corals and turquoise waters – all together made our three days’ short tour incomparable and worth remembering.

#DAY 1:

After collecting our baggage, we headed towards Chapman’s Peak drive. On reaching there, due to cloudy weather with drizzle and wuthering day, the Chapman’s Peak drive was closed. So half way to the drive we thought of returning. But the viewpoint before entering Chapman’s Peak was so overwhelming and the weather added a stunning charm, that we could not resist ourselves from getting out of our car and enjoy the cold winds of the Atlantic Ocean with grey clouds and drizzle.

The astounding panorama of the untamed Atlantic Ocean with the Table Mountain at the backdrop is one hell of a place on Earth to die for. We couldn’t hold on to our emotions, felt like we could sit there gazing at the majestic and magnificent natural beauty for hours, to days, to months or even years. The feeling was so ardent; I could still imagine while penning down.

Chapman’s peak being closed on that very day, we reversed and headed for our next point – Rhodes Memorial and on our way we stopped at the beach felt the chilling cold water of Atlantic Ocean with our hand....

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