Bugatti takes style and performance to the sea with the Niniette yacht

The true power of Bugatti is not only producing the world’s fastest car but also to make it look good while doing so. This sounds easier than it is, hen you already have to break so many boundaries to create something so fast, good looks can easily be compromised to achieve the ultimate goal. Bugatti has made it very clear from the beginning that this was not going to happen, and in this, they honor the legacy of Ettore Bugatti, who created some of the worlds fastest cars of its time, and also the most beautiful.

For quite some time did Bugatti had the desire to also create a yacht along the same lines. For this, they teamed up already in 2015 with yacht maker Palmer Johnson. Initial designs were shared with potential clients, and their positive response has resulted that the Niniette. Offered in three sizes with the smallest one being 50 feet, and the largest 80 feet, in length. Surprisingly was speed, not the main objective when developing the yacht. With an expected top speed of 50 mph, we wouldnt call it slow, but neither will it be the fastest boat out there.

It will, however, be one of the most exclusive! Next, to leather and ample amounts of....

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