Blue Wave Or Not, The Nation's Most Progressive Governor Is In Trouble

Jennifer Bendery


Gov. Kate Brown holds up an immigration bill in May 2018. She's been actively fighting President Donald Trump's anti-immigrant policies.

WASHINGTON Kate Brown is easily the most progressive governor in the country. She just signed an executive order banning offshore drilling in Oregon. She responded to the Parkland, Florida, shooting by signing a new gun safety law. She signed the nations strongest reproductive health law, and when President Donald Trump began targeting undocumented immigrants for deportation, she beefed up Oregons sanctuary laws.

So you would think, in a year when Democratic voter enthusiasm is through the roof and expected to translate into big wins for the party in November, that someone like Brown would be comfortably coasting to victory in her re-election.

Its not the case.

Brown has just a slight edge over her GOP challenger, state legislator Knute Buehler. Despite Oregon being an entirely Democrat-led state, her race has become so tight that Cook Political Report last month shifted its prediction from lean Democrat to toss-up.

With so many other states leaning blue, why is Oregon heading in the opposite direction?

A lot of interests want to stop our progress, Brown said in an interview. One has spent $3.5 million to make sure we are not moving forward. And Im not willing to let that happen.

Shes referring to Nike founder Phil Knight, who has personally given $2.5 million to Buehlers campaign the highest amount a single individual has ev....

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