A tour of the Italian architect's greatest buildings

The Old Port got a Renzo Piano reboot: Visit Genoa

In September, a Renzo Piano exhibition opened at Londons Royal Academy, showcasing some of the Italian architects most iconic buildings.

But Piano, the architect of Londons Shard, Berlins Potsdamer Platz and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, made his biggest contribution to his hometown Genoa, where he was born in 1937.

This north Italian city trapped between mountains and sea, Italys sixth largest, is the capital of the coastal region of Liguria. Genoa has long been an inspiration for Piano's architecture: his love for the sea was born here, shown in the nautical theme of his work.

When on 14 August a section of the Morandi bridge collapsed in Genoa, killing 43 people, Piano pledged to create a new bridge for his city and bring a positive moment of unity and cooperation. His buildings embellish but also enrich urban spaces, often transforming them in the process. His structures are not only about visual effect but also the experience they provide.

Here are five of Renzo Pianos architectural projects that have transformed Genoa.

Porto Antico (the old port)

Genoa's port, now a buzzing public space (Costa Edutainment)

Its a sunny Saturday in late September, and the old ports cafes and restaurants buzz with diners; families stroll along the palm tree-lined promenade and the Via al Mare walkway; and children play football on the piazza.

But before its regeneration, Genoas historic port was inaccessible to the public. This changed w....

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