60 Years of Container Shipping

In 1956 the modern container trade was born, when the Ideal X carried 58 containers from Houston to Newark in the United States. Since the delivery of the first purposebuilt containerized ships in the 1960s, DNV GLs container fleet has grown into the largest in the world. To mark the anniversary of 60 years of the box that changed the world, we take a look at some of DNV GLs most notable contributions to this sector.

For many years, German owners have contributed to the innovation of the container segment, placing some of the industrys biggest players right on DNV GLs Hamburg doorstep. Our experiences in this field were closely connected to those shipowners and the first shipyards to build these vessels. We learned from each other and worked closely together on many technological and operational advances, says Marcus Ihms, Ship Type Expert Container Vessels at DNV GL. Today, almost 40 per cent of the global container ship fleet sails under DNV GL class. Its staggering to see the rate at which boxships have grown in size and capacity. From 1972 to 1976 alone vessels more than doubled in capacity, from 1,600 TEU to 3,400 TEU. The 3,400 TEU vessels already had the principal dimensions of Panamax size. By the early 1990s, Panamax-size vessels were carrying 5,400 TEU, he explains. This created a number of design challenges, such as deleting the longitudinal hatch girder to allow eleven-row container stowage in the cargo hold or increasing the number of tiers on the hatch cover. DNV....

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